My ideal job description

In order to think more intentionally about how your career is going, I think it’s useful to think about your ideal job description. Then you can assess where you are and how far you need to go to get there. Perhaps articulating the description can even be helpful for conveying your position to your manager and having a constructive conversation about making it happen (in some cases, it may even be refreshing and welcome news to your manager). Here’s where I see the value that I bring intersecting with activities that I enjoy, in order of frequency:

  • Work in agile software-development teams doing QA lead activities. That includes pairing with developers to write automated tests and drive acceptance-test-driven development, overseeing relevant metrics and engage the team in conversation about them, working with customers to elicit requirements. (daily)
  • Facilitate retrospectives for other teams (weekly)
  • Read relevant newsgroups and articles on QA topics (weekly)
  • Spend a couple of hours a week blogging on QA topics (weekly)
  • Mentor other QA leads in the company (biweekly)
  • Be responsible for a monthly article on QA topics for company distribution (monthly)
  • Coach/consult with teams in agile transition (quarterly)
  • Teach agile QA course to QA leads (quarterly)
  • Attend industry conferences, like Agile, STARWest, CITCON, etc. (semi-annually)

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